A very basic application that will update the time of a Windows system by polling the time from a NTP server. Some may ask why I would build a NTP client for windows when Windows has one built in, and it would be a good question, the reason is that I have two Windows 2008 R2 server that refuse to update with a NTP server using the built in NTP client so I created this small tool to get around that issue.

-s  --server   Set NTP server. (Default: 0.pool.ntp.org)
-t  --timeout  Set timeout for the NTP server to response. (Default: 5000)
-u  --utc      Return UTC time not a time based on the systems local time zone.
-p  --print    Display retunred time only, don't set the system time.
-?  --help     This screen.

NTPClient.exe -s 0.pool.ntp.org